WordPress Sites

Why use WordPress?

WordPress is the defacto standard for content management. What this means is that  is the system that a huge percentage of websites use.

The reason is simple. WordPress is really easy to install, update and offers a wide range of templates to help you make your site stand out. Coupled with this it is really easy to update  and add content yourself (although we can help you with this.)

However, you need to ensure that you either  update your WordPress installation on a regular basis. You can do this or you can contract us to do it on a monthly basis (this does not come included with your web hosting.) For a low fee though you can be safe in the knowledge that  your site is updated and protected.

"The importance of updates"

Since WordPress is one of the  most popular content  management systems it is also one that is targeted by hackers the most. Once they target it they can take control of your website.  As a customer it is your responsibility to ensure that you have strong passwords and you keep WordPress up to date. If you don't feel like doing this, just contact us and we can do it for you.

- Richard Butler (Owner eBits.ie)

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