Search Engine Optimisation

Making sure your clients can find  you

Search Engine Optimisation is the  process of creating your website in such a way that  the search engines (let's be honest Google!) can find your site.

Over the years there have  been many people who say they have found loopholes on  how to rank their sites. The simple answer I have for this is don't do it. You see Google will wise up to it and end up penalising you.

The key to ranking well is to select popular  keywords but nothing to generic. For example asking to rank number one for the word Recruitment is a near impossible task.

Thus you need to rank for more long key words, for example Java Programmer Recruiters - this would be easier to rank for and may still be a popular search term.

However don't go to long tail, for example no one looks for "website design for small industries based in  a small town in Ireland." If you ask me to rank for this keyword I can do it and you can be number one but you won't drive much,  if  any,  traffic to your site.

We can discuss in detail with you what you need, what your competition are doing and how you can gain better rankings.  Unfortunately in the world of SEO there is no guarantee of ranking, we can increase your ranking but can not say it will be 2 weeks as it takes time.

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"There is no great secret to SEO"

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- Richard Butler (Owner

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