Social Media Marketing

What it is and why you need it

Google, and other search engines rely more and more on social signals.  That is the more comments a post you have published, or the more it is shared the more "votes" the general public have given it.

I can help you with a social marketing campaign to include setting up your Facebook  page, publishing regular content - either provided by you or written  by

This can help in  your ranking and overall business goals.

I will advise what  will work for your company as not every social media channel is suited to every company.

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"Build it and they will (not) come"

Once you build a website you have to actively market it.  People will not come flocking to your website if they cannot find it.  Therefore Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media marketing is very important.

Myself and my team can help you with this.

- Richard Butler (Owner

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