Our Promise

Learn what we value and how we can help you

You know I know what it is like when you need to get something done for your business and you employ an "expert." Sometimes they talk all the  jargon  and then don't get the job done. Or they confuse you so much that you either don't buy the solution or do and then are not sure what you bought.

I like to do things differently so here are my promises to you:

I will assess what you need

Many companies have a one size fits all type of system.  So you buy a full package or  nothing.  This does not work as your business is not the same as the next person. 

Therefore, I like to spend time knowing what you want and need.  Maybe it is just a simple website or a landing page. Let's talk and assess your needs.

I will offer you the best service

I want  you as a repeat customer and a long term customer so I will always strive to offer you the  best service possible. Thus if you come to me with a project that  is very complex and I feel I cannot deliver I will let you know straight away. 

It is not worth it for me or for you - honesty is my policy

"I have your best interest at heart"

I operate a small company, so there is no outsourced customer support, no huge overheads and I personally talk to all my customers.  Work with a local who has global experience. Although based in  Barcelona I host many sites from all over the world.

- Richard Butler (Owner eBits.ie)

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