Website Design

Our thoughts on website design

Good design is not easy, but when done well it is outstanding.  Here at we can design your website for you, however, we are primarily a technology company.

Our ideas are simple - we can host a WordPress Site and offer you a number of different templates, or you can select one and buy it for you. This is the beauty of WordPress the sheer variety of templates.

We can then customise the site to your needs.  We will clearly state in the brief what changes are possible and what is not.

If you prefer we can also do a landing page - a single page where people land on and then can see your contact details.

If you prefer you can also purchase hosting and get a third party to create and upload the site to our server.

We are open to all options so why not contact us and let us know what you require?

"Keep It So Simple & Effective"

We believe in the KISS method - keep it so simple. You always need to think who is my target client and what do they need and want from my website.

Our philosophy is that simple is more effective. We can design a 5 page website at a very competitive price. Depending on your needs this can be WordPress based or standard HTML (yup not every site is or has to be one WordPress) - it all depends on your needs.

- Richard Butler (Owner

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